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Supernatural Dethrones Thrill of the Fight!

By May 26, 2022July 22nd, 2022Primary Articles1 min read

After several years as the most intense VR exercise game we’ve rated, Thrill of the Fight was dethroned by Supernatural earlier this month – at least in terms of average exercise intensity. At 11.44 average METs throughout play, Supernatural scored as slightly more intense than Thrill of the Fight’s 9.28 METs during its last rating.

However, while that is enough to make Supernatural the most intense average gameplay, Thrill of the Fight still easily held its position as the game with the highest peak sustained METs. This means that overall Supernatural was more intense throughout a 30-minute rating session, but Thrill of the Fight had more short, intense moments than Supernatural. Supernatural peaked at a very respectable 12.49 METs, while Thrill of the Fight peaked at an incredible 14.59 METs.

Keep in mind, the average adult probably reaches max physical capacity somewhere between 10 and 12 METs, or 10x and 12x their base metabolic rate. That means both games can probably exhaust even the most physically fit players.