Rating Notes: Biking Equivalent

At the time of this rating, Supernatural has four exercise activities: Boxing, Flow, Meditate, and Stretch. This rating is based on a Boxing workout set to Hard difficulty. 

Supernatural is a fast-paced boxing workout that combines a mixture of upper-body and lower-body movements synced to music. Exercise comes primarily from rapid punching strikes, side-to-side body leaning, and occasional squatting. A combination of straight jabs, hooks, uppercuts, and blocks are performed to hit targets. A sequence of shapes will appear in the play space that require players to duck and squat to avoid being hit. Players must physically rotate to new targets appearing from multiple directions, requiring both upper and lower body movement.

Quick Facts:

Status: Metabolic Rating: This game was tested by measuring oxygen
consumption with a metabolic cart in April, 2022.
Peak Observed Sustained MET: 12.49 METs
Average Observed METs: 11.44 METs
Est. calories expenditure per min.: We observed a 30-minute average MET score of 11.44, with a 5-minute sustained peak average of 12.49 METs. This is an energy expenditure of 12.01 kcals to 13.11 kcals per minute during our tests. This estimate is based on the assumption that the subject weighs 60kg, a common research standard for average weight. Please see the table below for an estimate of calorie expenditure for your weight based on the observed METs.
Explanation: Experiences are rated based on their observed Metabolic Equivalent of Task score, or a MET score, during testing in the lab. A MET is a multiple of your base resting rate. 1 MET is equal to 1x resting metabolic rate. 2 METs is equal to 2x resting metabolic rate, etc. METs can be used to calculate an estimated calorie burn during that task based on that person’s weight, which is shown in the chart below.

This game’s 30-minute average rating of 11.44 METs means that we observed an average energy expenditure of 11.44x the rater’s base metabolic resting rate over 30 minutes of gameplay. Its 5-minute Peak Average refers to the maximum 5-minute average we observed during testing, anywhere in the game. Together, the two represent the overall average we observed during play, and the maximum peak that we observed, such as during a particularly intense level.

The first is likely more useful for comparing energy expenditure during typical play as a regular player. The second may be more useful for identifying games that, if played for exercise, may have sections that are substantially different levels of exercise than the rest of the game (such as specific game modes, etc).

Link: https://www.oculus.com/experiences/quest/1830168170427369

Calorie Table: