Rating Notes:

Sairento VR is an Action RPG that has the player put into the role of a futuristic ninja. The game features swords, bows, and throwing daggers as well as a variety of guns the player can select to use during gameplay. Enemies and attacks come from all around the player, and features heavy use of smooth locomotion movement as well as jumping, sliding, flips, and other acrobatic maneuvers.

Rater played through multiple instances of “Endless Challenge Mode” which was found to have the most calorie burn compared to the other game modes offered. Enemies would randomly begin spawning and attacking the player and won’t stop until the player is defeated.  After every death, rater is able to consistently restart the mode within 10 seconds. The game requires leans and squats as well as arm movement to perform the various special moves, as well as dodging incoming attacks by enemies, and to utilize the various weapons the game offers the player.

Please Remember: Rating notes are only intended to convey information about characteristics that may impact the game’s intensity of exercise. It is not intended to be a review, or provide a qualitative opinion of the experience itself.

Quick Facts:

Status: Metabolic Rating: This game was tested by measuring oxygen consumption with a
metabolic cart.
Peak Observed Sustained MET:  3.73 METs
Average Observed METs:  3.27 METs
Est. calories expenditure per min.: We observed an energy expenditure of 3.43 kcals to 3.91 kcals per minute during
our tests. This estimate is based on the assumption that the subject weighs 60kg.
Please see the table below for an estimate of calorie expenditure for your weight.
Link: https://www.oculus.com/experiences/quest/2299215130112875



Calorie Table: