Rating Notes:

Creed contains a number of different game play modes, including a career mode, Free play, and a “training” mode that has the player complete a series of exercises. Rater first played the training mode, which allows players to repeat exercises like punching targets on the punching bag, as long or as often as they would like. For data collection, rater played each available exercise to completion twice before moving to the next exercise. Rater then collected data by playing the career mode, playing through most of the early “light” early fights quickly on the assumption that later fights were harder, and may require more energy burn.

The training mode is seen in the graph highlighted pink, and the Career sections of the game are highlighted in purple. While actually fighting in the ring lead to higher peaks of exercise, the training sessions predictably had more consistent exercise. This is because career mode has the player pause between fights for a time, which is not required during training mode. Both modes appear to provide reasonably good exercise.

Career mode also requires the player to complete a series of short “training” exercises in between fights to determine player status during the next fight. This helps to keep the player’s heart rate up even during down times, and is fairly effective.

Quick Facts:

Status: Metabolic Rating: This game was tested by measuring oxygen consumption with a metabolic cart.  All ratings may change upon additional analysis.
Peak Observed Sustained MET: 7.43 METs
Average Observed METs: 6.30 METs
Est. calories expenditure per min.: We observed an energy expenditure of 6.62 kcals to 7.80 kcals per minute during our
tests. This estimate is based on the assumption that the subject weighs 60kg. Please
see the table below for an estimate of calorie expenditure for your weight.



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